Mama Pom Pom Hat - Gray

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This beanie is hand knit with luxurious, soft wool yarn and topped with a dense, fluffy cream wool pom pom for a bit of fun. Perfect for mama baby matching! Also makes a great gift for your mom, sister, or friend (so they don't steal yours cause they seriously look good on everyone). 

Hat is 98% Merino Wool with 2% Polymide for durability
Adult Women's Size - One size fits most
Handmade in Nashville, TN

Care: This hat can be very gently washed by hand (no agitating) in lukewarm water and laid flat to dry but can not be washed or dried by a machine. I have worn mine in the rain, snow, etc. and it holds up beautifully. No need to fuss over it at all--just lay it flat to dry if it gets wet. 

If you would like a custom color hat, I would love to make one to your specifications! Please email me:

Ships FREE in the U.S.

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