Hi! I'm Chloé, the maker behind Chloé Alexa.

When my friends started getting pregnant a few years ago I became obsessed with making thoughtful baby gifts that would be timeless and fun. The more I made for my friends and loved ones, the more I began to see the need for heirloom items that could be shared between siblings and families, and eventually passed down to the next generation.

I make quality handmade objects, adored equally by moms and children, whether those objects are being worn, played with, or strewn about the house. With all the functional yet not so beautiful objects that moms are unavoidably surrounded by everyday they deserve to have some possessions that bring them delight. I started my shop with this union of beauty & function in mind and it is the foundation of every new item I create. 

I currently live in Nashville, TN and create all Chloe Alexa products at home in a tiny 20's bungalow with love and support from my husband Jeff & our dog Meryl.

Get In Touch:
There's nothing better than receiving a gift that seems like it was made just for you--if you would like to inquire about a custom order please email me:

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