When I was in kindergarten I had a dress that had a small poc...

When I was in kindergarten I had a dress that had a small pocket designed for a little stuffed kitty to tuck inside. I am sure my grandma made it–she was the queen of sewing (still is) and made us countless quilts and things during my childhood. Now I wish I could remember exactly what the dress looked like. I remember wearing it to kindergarten class and feeling special. I still love little details like that (padded books with slits for little things to tuck inside and pull out, dolls that have clothes and accessories, doll houses with sweet little “real house” accents…don’t get me started). So I have been wanting to make some pillows inspired by that dress for quite a while. I used some recycled fabrics from my stash and made a couple. I like how they turned out so I plan to keep making them with different animals to choose from for tucking away into the pockets at night. During the day kids can keep them in their clothes pockets or backpacks! They are in the shop now! Stripes and florals because SPRING is everywhere here in Nashville and it’s the most amazing Spring I ever remember experiencing. Grass grows overnight here and every day on walks around my neighborhood I see new growth on familiar trees. A good season for inspiring me to create!

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