Tiny things. I don't think I could ever tire of making them. ...

Tiny things. I don’t think I could ever tire of making them.

Pink pillow made from a sweater cuff (the sweater had a hole ripped in it by a pup who shall remain nameless).
Grey doll blanket from yet another ripped sweater. I may add a binding to it so it looks finished.
The little pillow with the tiny tassels was made from a knitted swatch I did for a project.
The bulky cream doll blanket was also a project swatch.

The sweet doll and the teddy bear were both made by my grandmother’s friend when I was little. I like keeping them on my studio shelf. They just make me happy.

It is a glorious 60 degrees today and the sun is out after days of rain. And it is Friday. Lots to be thankful for today! Going to go take a long walk and then make some things while sitting on the deck.

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