This summer is finally here. I'm not excited about it for rea...

This summer is finally here. I’m not excited about it for reasons that others usually are. I didn’t spend many long hard months cursing the snow and wishing for the sun to come out. But I have many things to look forward to these next few months and for that I am grateful. Birthdays, new life, trips, opportunities, goals. It’s almost like the New Year in a lot of ways. I am only realizing this now as I sit to think about it. It is a nice gift to feel that rejuvination twice in one year. I think I find myself at a midway point most years, looking forward to so much, unable to believe that half the year is already gone. At the start of this year I could hardly imagine myself sitting in the month of June feeling as happy and content as I do now. I went through a rather hard time flying back to California last January after being home on the east coast for the holidays with family and I went through a bit of a slump in the first months of the year that I hadn’t expected. But on the other side of it now I can see that time really does do wonders to heal pretty much anything.

Summer seems a little bit magical to me still, like it used to when I would be let out of school for break and the entire world opened up. I am glad to see that feeling sticking around as I near a quarter of a century in age. I never want to lose it. Maybe adults are able to keep it as they grow old if they have children and grandchildren in their lives to remind them how to feel it.


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