These days are warm and require red pants and sweater tanks. ...






These days are warm and require red pants and sweater tanks. Our backyard cactus sprouted a huge flower on its top. It feels so much like we skipped winter that part of me longs for snow and hot chocolate and knitting while another part of me feels like it is more appropriate to just jump right into the long days of swimming and eating watermelon and sewing airy tank tops. I cannot choose for myself which of these I want. So I think it is a good thing that the weather is not up to me but is rather something to which I adjust and accept. 

We are looking forward to a lot of things this year. Projects, trips, changes, challenges. I made a discovery recently which has been completely life changing. Audiobooks! Of course I knew they existed but sort of turned my nose up at them or just ignored them altogether. But for a person who loves books and also loves doing things with her hands…they are a gift from heaven. I think it is safe to say that if you need me I will be in my house sewing, washing dishes, knitting, folding laundry, planting wildflower seeds, cooking, or drawing - while a stranger’s voice reads a book of my choosing aloud to me. What a great invention. 



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