Making things with my hands is my favorite thing to do. I alw...

Making things with my hands is my favorite thing to do. I always get so excited about the holidays because of all the opportunities to make gifts and decorations while watching movies and drinking hot chocolate. I think I have always known that I am happiest when doing those things, but it recently became clear that I like this combination of activities way too much to limit it to one season of the year.

I have been knitting in my free time this past month and I think I am hooked! I attempted some projects I never thought I would be able to do and am excited by how much progress I have made. I don’t know how anyone ever knit anything before youtube existed …yes I do; they used books. As much as I love books, videos are just soooo much easier to understand. How-to videos of tricky stitches have turned seemingly impossible projects (socks! stuffed animals! felted baby shoes!) into totally doable ones.

I am happy to say that I have had a few opportunities to make gifts for expecting mothers recently. Pregnant friends have always seemed to be a good motivator for making things that I have never attempted before. So friends, you keep having babies and I will keep knitting.

Will post some pictures of the recent finished projects next (except for the secret ones)!


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