My sister Lauren is having a baby boy! She and her husband Na...

My sister Lauren is having a baby boy! She and her husband Nathan told our family over Christmas last year and that very week I knitted her these teensy socks to open Christmas Day.

Since then I have had enough ideas of things to make for this baby to last me a lifetime. The first thing I decided to make was a mobile for the nursery with some soft knit animals that can be taken down and used to play with when he is older. These photos only show the four animals I made, but I shipped it off to my mom and she added her own knit elephant before giving it to Lauren at her shower for me.

I am flying home to be with Lauren at the end of next month after the birth and I cannot wait. And then Jeff will fly out to meet me and our whole family will go on our annual beach trip at my grandparents’ beach house. This time we will have a tiny human in tow. I think it will make the trip ten times as magical as normal. We’re all so giddy!


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Made some handmade clothes for the fox. I love how proud he l...

Made some handmade clothes for the fox. I love how proud he looks to be donning the new duds.

Both the sweater and little collar were made from yarn I picked up from the thrift store on different occasions. Feels good to put that stuff to good use.

I have never been one to make up a pattern or knit something on a whim, but decided that it’s not so daunting or scary when it is such a tiny thing (and not something that has to fit super well). So I picked up my needles and some yarn one night this week and experimented with a sweater. It doesn’t look like I imagined but has definitely inspired me to try again and make lots more. The scarf also was cast on with no counting or checking a pattern and was meant to be longer…but I love how it turned out as a collar instead! Always fun when mistakes turn into something even better than you imagined. Now if I can just get myself to write down notes after I have made these things so I can duplicate them in the future.


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Little fox body parts all waiting to be given life. With a ...

Little fox body parts all waiting to be given life.

With a needle and yarn and some fluffy cotton stuffed inside, suddenly these weird shapes will be a cute huggable fox. I don’t know exactly what he’ll look like yet…I can’t wait to meet him.


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After knitting the bunny for my friend's baby shower it becam...

After knitting the bunny for my friend’s baby shower it became obvious to me that I had embarked on a knitted stuffed animal journey. This elephant, also for a pregnant friend, is the second animal I attempted.

I learned a lot from doing the process twice since the arms, legs, and body are all the same as the bunny. I think I mastered the french knot for the elephant’s eyes, which is more than I can say for my first attempt, since the bunny’s eyes started to unravel the minute he was unwrapped from his gift bag.

I love these parts of the learning process. It’s fun to see minor accomplishments. It’s even fun to see the mistakes and quirks of a first try. Maybe one day I will compare these first pieces with some down the road and be really amazed at how much I’ve improved. I look forward to that!

Pattern: Little Cotton Rabbits

More Info: Ravelry


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I found [this bunny pattern](

I found this bunny pattern three days before a baby shower. I already had a gift planned but I was so excited by this bunny that I decided to make it despite having no experience with this type of knitting pattern. I am so glad I did! I completely fell in love with knitting after making this little rabbit.

I have always enjoyed knitting a few things here and there. Mostly around Christmas time. But I just felt like someone who knew how to knit. Now I sort of feel like a knitter. It’s the best.


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