After knitting the bunny for my friend's baby shower it becam...

After knitting the bunny for my friend’s baby shower it became obvious to me that I had embarked on a knitted stuffed animal journey. This elephant, also for a pregnant friend, is the second animal I attempted.

I learned a lot from doing the process twice since the arms, legs, and body are all the same as the bunny. I think I mastered the french knot for the elephant’s eyes, which is more than I can say for my first attempt, since the bunny’s eyes started to unravel the minute he was unwrapped from his gift bag.

I love these parts of the learning process. It’s fun to see minor accomplishments. It’s even fun to see the mistakes and quirks of a first try. Maybe one day I will compare these first pieces with some down the road and be really amazed at how much I’ve improved. I look forward to that!

Pattern: Little Cotton Rabbits

More Info: Ravelry


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