Five years of marriage! We celebrated by driving up the coast...

Five years of marriage! We celebrated by driving up the coast to Big Sur. We have wanted to do it since we moved to California two and a half years ago and finally we did it.

We woke at 4am and drove seven hours north along the craggy ocean cliffs, me doped up on dramamine, with a thermos of coffee and a loaf of homemade sourdough bread between us. I had done some reserach and found that even though Big Sur is overcrowded in the summer and no campgrounds were likely to have any openings whatsoever, there are lots of places to pitch a tent outside of the campgrounds, particularly along a windy one lane dirt road up a mountain which has wide open ocean views at almost every turn out. It sounded too good to be true, and we were a bit nervous to set out, not knowing where we would end up that night.

After miles of switchbacks and one particularly scary moment when our car couldn’t make it up the steep road and we almost got ourselves stuck on top of the mountain with no cell service, we ended up finding the perfect spot in the woods just off the road with a view of the ocean and with lots of shade. We pitched our tent and sat with beers and our cooler full of food with nothing to do but read and knit and eat. We felt crazy.

For being the textbook example of opposites attracting, we enjoy each other’s company more than you might think. We’re not similar and we didn’t fall in love because we had a lot in common. We don’t understand it ourselves, but we can’t seem to ever get enough time together, always wanting more, never seeming to need much space apart. I like it that way and every time we get to do something adventurous like this trip I feel it more and more. Four years dating and five years married…we talk about the year when we will have been together longer that not. For us that time is not too many years away and I imagine when it happens that it will feel like it couldn’t be any other way. For some reason, somehow, we belong together.


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