After playing with kids, doing crafts, and getting last-minut...

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After playing with kids, doing crafts, and getting last-minute-stressful-school-things sorted out last week, I needed a break. I had forgotten what it was like to have a busy week and really need the weekend (but no longer…I start school TODAY).

We started with a Friday night bike ride all over downtown and around the pretty, picturesque squares. On Saturday, we made a huge breakfast for two, scouted craigslist furniture, watched movies. After church on Sunday, friends came over to borrow my sewing machine and brought strawberries and chocolate as a thank-you. We melted, dipped, and ate them all within minutes. Nilla wafers and popcorn made their way into the chocolate as well.

The weekend was drizzly, which makes for the most wonderful cool nighttime walks - weather so perfect you (I) want to cry.


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Jeff got a new bike and started riding to work* (!!!) We spon...

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Jeff got a new bike and started riding to work* (!!!) We spontaneously/accidentally went on a ten mile bike ride as soon as he got it put together. I have decided it’s my very favorite form of excercise. Makes me miss these days.

I’ve been eating a lot of yogurt and drinking a lot of iced lattes. I made some frozen yogurt pops with plain yogurt, mixed berries, and simple syrup (frozen in a mason jar with a spoon). My favorite thing for breakfast this week: yogurt topped with granola and honey, gala apple with peanut butter and honey, + iced vanilla latte.

I am helping out with a girl’s camp at church and we make lots of crafts. Some of the kids call me “Miss Chloé” which is weird to me but very cute. Anxious-excited to start art education next week!

*Do you see him in the third picture?


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This past weekend might have been the best one of my life. ...

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This past weekend might have been the best one of my life.

A man gave me a free bike!! That happens to be the perfect size for me. And can be fixed up to be real cute but is perfectly rideable as is (I just got back from the most glorious ride around the park). I can’t get over how it all magically worked out….just in time for my birthday!

We also added a new member to our kitchen family: a much needed cart/table from craigslist (originally from Potter Barn). It fits in our new kitchen and is the perfect place for chopping up lots of veggies.

Aside from that, the weekend was full of sleeping and walking. Walking to the store -especially around dusk- is so relaxing. And if it’s hot out I just walk through the fountains.

P.S. Can’t forget about HP! We went on a date to the theater to see Harry Potter. Smuggled in candy and soda like usual. xo


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