Still goodbye-ing…Jeff and I are both a little bit more excit...











Still goodbye-ing…Jeff and I are both a little bit more excited for our new home than we are sad to leave this one. So that is good. But the pictures of the quiet bits of our life here will always make me feel something, I think. Something that was good while it lasted even though we knew it wouldn’t last forever. 

Our apartment will be vacant by the end of this week and there is much to do before then. Over the weekend some people came into our home and bought things from us that will now start new lives in new places. I liked it when I saw an older lady fall in love with a chair I’ve had since I lived in my first home, and another who bought my big bag of yarn for her mother who knits. I liked it when two guys went through our bookshelf and bought big stacks of reading material we used in school. I liked it when the one person with feet my size bought my old beat up converse. 

Soon we will be the ones at yard sales, digging through other people’s treasures to make our new space ours. 


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