Sometimes I have a hard time doing fun things by myself. I’ll...

Sometimes I have a hard time doing fun things by myself. I’ll wait until Jeff is off work or friends are in town to do the things I want to do. But yesterday I really needed to get some Christmas shopping done (we didn’t have any presents under the tree until last night) and I knew I wanted to get most of the gifts from downtown, so I went by myself while Jeff was at work. It may seem silly, but I get nervous about driving/parking downtown alone with all the one way streets and parking meters. Blah, I would just rather not deal with it.* Can’t wait to live downtown so I can just walk everywhere!

Well I’m happy to say that I am no longer afraid of going downtown by myself, or eating lunch by myself, or doing things I’ve been wanting to do by myself. Yesterday was wonderful.


This sun-drenched tree made me oh so happy. I love the way it’s reaching over the sidewalk.


Pretty floral plate in the Paris Market.


I love this wall of notes in the Paris Market. They have pencils and papers and push pins so you can write things that you are thankful for and post them for everyone to see. My favorites are the ones that have stick figure illustrations on them and one that says UNICORNS.


And the most wonderful thing about yesterday is that I finally tried Papillote - a tiny little french restaurant I’ve been curious about for forever, but have been waiting to try it until the perfect time. (Why!? Why do I do that?) I can safely say that I have a favorite restaurant.

French cuisine + adorable atmosphere + sweet employees = perfection.

*I realize I would probably just fall over and die in a big city with this attitude. But I grew up in a town that had a Main Street.


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