Percy Priest Lake. Our ocean away from ocean. There are hikin...

Percy Priest Lake. Our ocean away from ocean. There are hiking trails along it that have little paths down to the water and in some high spots there are rocks that would be perfect for a picnic overlooking the lake from on high. We discovered a funny thing about this place when we hiked there a few weekends ago. There is a cove where boats anchor to party so while you’re hiking in the peaceful woods you suddenly come upon loud competing (bad) music blaring from the boats below. Made us laugh. Such a weird sensation to be surrounded by woods all alone and to hear clubbing music nearby.

We came to this lake with friends for spring break a few years ago when we all lived in Savannah together. Took their family boat out to a high cliff where some of us jumped (including Jeff) and some of us were too chicken (including me). Back then we would have never thought we would be coming back to the same lake in the summer of 2016 because it is now our town where we own a home and live near those friends once again. We didn’t even know then that we would move away to California for three years before living in Nashville. So much time has passed and yet so little. We are having fun discovering what we want in life and what we have been happy to have already had. It is exciting, scary, and crazy to feel so old and so young simultaneously.

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