On Friday night, we went to a free viewing of Home Alone in t...

Lucas theater

On Friday night, we went to a free viewing of Home Alone in the Lucas Theater downtown. Before the show we went to Five Guys and then snuck in leftover fries for the movie. Best date. All the kids in that theater had such a great time and squealed and laughed at every funny part, which made it so much more fun. After the movie they even had fake snow right outside the theater, which despite the 70 degree high that day, I sort of fell for at first.

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We went on a long walk all around downtown on Saturday, Christmas shopping and taking in how great Savannah is in December. We stopped for lunch at my favoriteplace in Savannah for a beautiful sandwich and duck fat fries.

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Sunday night we went to a little Christmas party at our friend’s house. I forgot we were doing white elephant until it was almost too late. But I ended up making some little ornaments with fabric, stamps, and twigs, some of my favorite things. It was so much fun and our friends’ house was so cozy and festive (don’t you love the mantle and Christmas bells?).

It’s easy for me to think of all the things I don’t have and get caught up missing my family and being pouty this time of year. But lately I am seeing so many amazing things God has put in my life that it seems ridiculous to ever complain about anything. This time of year really beats any other time if you ask me. I love everything about it.


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