Made some handmade clothes for the fox. I love how proud he l...

Made some handmade clothes for the fox. I love how proud he looks to be donning the new duds.

Both the sweater and little collar were made from yarn I picked up from the thrift store on different occasions. Feels good to put that stuff to good use.

I have never been one to make up a pattern or knit something on a whim, but decided that it’s not so daunting or scary when it is such a tiny thing (and not something that has to fit super well). So I picked up my needles and some yarn one night this week and experimented with a sweater. It doesn’t look like I imagined but has definitely inspired me to try again and make lots more. The scarf also was cast on with no counting or checking a pattern and was meant to be longer…but I love how it turned out as a collar instead! Always fun when mistakes turn into something even better than you imagined. Now if I can just get myself to write down notes after I have made these things so I can duplicate them in the future.


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