It’s funny how holidays sort of become completely different w...

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It’s funny how holidays sort of become completely different when you grow up. And somehow parts of them stay exactly the same. Instead of spending all day laying around while people we love run to and from the kitchen with food and drink, we spent most of the day in the kitchen ourselves. Christmas morning, while we opened our presents we ate freshly baked cinnamon rolls from the oven, whipped up and rolled out the night before. We froze butter for pie crusts and are still eating pecan pie after every meal. We bought a half ham, baked bread in the dutch oven, cooked mashed potatoes, roasted green vegetables. We mixed prosecco with spiced apple cider…very tasty and festive. We took a break from the cooking to walk on the beach during the most magical hour. We drove to look at neighborhoods decked out with Christmas lights. We walked to the theater near our house twice to see two good movies. We laid on the couch and read and napped and sipped lattes. We watched It’s a Wonderful Life. I liked the way it turned out a lot, just us two, doing our favorite things. It was good for us to do, I think, to remind us that if everything doesn’t happen the same it has every year before, things will still be okay. Good, even. 


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